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Resources for employers

Employing people with intellectual disability is a good idea and can improve the workplace for everyone.

This page includes resources that employers can use when they are hiring people with intellectual disability.

Some of these resources have been developed by VALID. VALID is a member of Inclusion Australia

Our resources

  • Using NDIS funding to transition from school to work

    Transition from school The transition from school to adult life is an important and often challenging time. This can be particularly true for young people with intellectual disability. It’s a time when teenagers are beginning to think of themselves as adults and think about what they want to do when they leave school. For families […]
  • Choosing and working with a DES provider

    Choosing a DES provider Centrelink can give you information about the Disability Employment Services (DES) in your local area. When choosing a DES provider you may want to think about: Have any of the providers helped people you know? Do any of the providers have a good reputation with other people with intellectual disability? What […]
  • What is DES?

    Disability Employment Services (DES) DES is the Australian Government’s main disability employment service. It can help you find work and keep a job in open employment. Open employment is where people with and without disabilities work together. Workers are paid more money in open employment. The Australian Government wants as many people as possible to […]
  • Why work matters

    Having a job is important for everyone’s quality of life, including people with intellectual disability. When we have a job we: get to talk and work with workmates and colleagues have opportunities to learn and use our skills we earn a living. There is also status attached to being employed. A recent Australian study asked […]

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