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On this page, you’ll find resources for families, people with intellectual disability, supporters and employers. Use the search bar or the filters to find the resource you are looking for.

Our resources

  • Learning what you are interested in (Easy Read)

    Download a PDF of this page Finding out what you are interested in is important. It makes a big difference to: how you feel about your life finding a job you like doing. Many children and adults with intellectual disability do not get the chance to work out what they are interested in. They may […]
  • Work and the NDIS (Easy Read)

    Download a PDF of this page National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) funding can help you find and keep a job. It can help you with your employment goals.   You can get support to: find out the kind of work you would be good at find a job that suits your skills and interests start […]
  • Work and the DSP (Easy Read)

    Download a PDF of this page The Disability Support Pension (DSP) is paid by the government. It is for people with disability who cannot work or need support to work. What some people think Lots of people who get the DSP think they lose money if they do paid work. This is not true.   […]
  • Work and DES (Easy Read)

    Download a PDF of this page Disability Employment Services are funded by the Australian Government. They provide employment services. We call them DES providers for short. DES help people with disability find and keep a job. They can also help people who have an injury or health condition.   DES can help you to: learn […]
  • What is open employment? (Easy Read)

    Download a PDF of this page Open employment is when people with and without disability work together in the same workplace. It is the regular job market where people: apply for jobs set up their own business to earn money. Open employment is for all people, including people with intellectual disability. People called researchers have […]
  • Tips for work experience in year 11 and 12

    Schools often only offer work experience for a week or two during Year 10. But the following tips can help young people with intellectual disability get more work experience in Years 11 and 12. 1. Work with the school to include work experience in Years 11 and 12 Work with your young person’s school to […]

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