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Resources for employers

Employing people with intellectual disability is a good idea and can improve the workplace for everyone.

This page includes resources that employers can use when they are hiring people with intellectual disability.

Some of these resources have been developed by VALID. VALID is a member of Inclusion Australia

Our resources

  • Getting support from DES when you already have a job

    Some people who already have a job can also use DES Support from Disability Employment Services (DES) includes a program called Work Assist. Work Assist supports people who find it difficult doing important parts of their job because of their injury, disability or health condition. This is can be particularly helpful for people with intellectual […]
  • How DES works

    The support available from DES Disability Employment Services (DES) is the Australian Government’s employment service that helps people with disability find and keep a job. DES helps people with disability, injury or a health condition: get ready to look for a job (for example, by helping you with your resume) find a job (for example, by […]
  • Using NDIS funding to change jobs

    Most people don’t stay in the same job all their lives. This is especially true for younger people as they work out what kind of work they prefer. There are many different reasons for changing jobs. Sometimes you might find that: your job doesn’t suit you you want to try something new and different you […]
  • Learning on the job

    How people with intellectual disability learn about work We’re used to the idea that most learning happens in the classroom. However, the learning style of many people with intellectual disability means that they learn best when they’re on the job. Learning on the job means you learn about what happens at work, and the jobs […]
  • Customised employment

    Customised employment helps people with intellectual disability to get a job. It works with both job seekers and employers to design and create job opportunities. Instead of trying to get an existing job, customised employment focuses on the skills that each person has to offer. It customises a job or self-employment opportunity to fit your […]
  • Using NDIS funding to find and keep a job

    This section explains how National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) funding can help you find and keep a job. NDIS funding can help you with many kinds of employment goals. This might include things like getting support to: Find out the kind of work you would be good at. Discovery can help if you aren’t sure […]

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