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Real life stories

Discover stories of real people with intellectual disability who work in open employment and see what’s possible.

  • Cailan’s story: Making employment supports play ball

    Cailan is in her mid-20s and has worked as an admin assistant at a large sports broadcaster for almost four years. She works for the same reasons most of us do: to earn money, meet new people and use her skills working somewhere she enjoys. Cailan has a job she loves, but it wasn’t easy […]
  • Emma’s story: The benefits of it all coming together

    Emma is in her early 30s and has worked as an admin assistant at NTT Ltd for over six years. Her role includes filing, scanning, collecting mail, wiping workstations, cleaning the kitchen and conference rooms, and restocking the coffee machine. Emma has an intellectual disability and having a steady job has been a positive constant […]

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